24 Hour Emergency Service

We are fully equipped to provide every call with round-the-clock emergency service. Feel comfort in knowing that NYC Tree Experts are at your disposal, when trees are down, we come to your rescue!


We are the #1 provider of tree removal services in New York City!
Reliable tree trimming, over 50 years of arbor experience!
Simply the most accredited tree removal, tree trimming, tree stump removal professionals in New York City! We specialize in storm damaged trees and hazardous tree assessment.


At Manhattan Tree Experts we are a fully licensed tree cutting company. We provide immediate response, accurate competitive estimates, and follow-up to provide excellent customer satisfaction. We carry Workers Compensation insurance and 2 million in general liability, safe arborship is guaranteed!


We at Manhattan Tree Experts have over 50 years of experience with tree removal and pruning. We offer 24 hour emergency service, MTE is fully insured and licensed employing only safe and dependable guys.
We use state-of-the-art machinery, cutting down stubborn trees, trimming tree branches and providing a hassle-free experience.

We blow the competition up! Successful and proven track record makes us stand out from all the others.


NYC Tree Pro: NYC Tree Experts Providing Tree Removal Services in NYC. Call our Local NYC Tree Company for your tree care & tree service needs now.