Are Stump Grinders Dangerous: Things That You Should Know

You probably notice that after tree removal in your home, there is always a sturdy stump. This stump was being left when a professional arborist removed the tree piece by piece. Now, you do not know what to do next. There are a lot of questions and doubts including, “are stump grinders dangerous” about whether you will get rid of it or leave it in your backyard or garden untouched. You do not have to worry anymore because there are tools or methods you can use to remove these tree stumps in your home. Here are the things you need to know and consider about stump grinding and stump removal. It is also stated here the reasons why stump grinders are dangerous to be used in removing tree stumps.

The Difference Between Stump Grinding And Stump Removal

Stumps remain in place for a good after trees get cut or fall down. Some households consider stumps as nuisances. They sometimes prefer to get rid of these stumps before they become an issue or pose a potential risk or danger in their homes. With that being said, there are two methods or tools used you can consider in getting rid of these stumps: stump grinding and stump removal.

  • Stump grinding. Stump grinding or stump grinder is considered to be the most budget-friendly approach in removing tree stumps. Its common process is done when the tree is chopped down to the ground level. In this case, a professional arborist uses a high caliber machine to fully shred the stump down into smaller chips or pieces. It is said to be more efficient than stump removal. However, it still leaves some remains of the tree’s roots behind.

There is also still a stump after a few inches below the surface. But it can be covered with soil. Plants grow over and the majority of tree stumps will eventually decline after some time. Also, the chip pile produced in grinding can be used as mulch for other plants. The purpose of mulch is to retain moisture and regulate the sunlight blockage of a plant in your landscape. These small chips or pieces can be utilized as a ground cover in your garden or backyard.

  • Stump removal. This is often difficult to be done but it is always suggested and required to be used in getting rid of the tree stumps. It takes a lot of powerful tools to get this job done. The process involves removing all the stems with the tree’s root ball. The professional arborist will dig out all the widespread roots. These roots will no longer expand and create broader root sizes in the surroundings. What is great in stump removal is that there will be a clean slate or a space that is free from the tree’s root ball. It will leave a large hole that can be a distraction until it is filled in with a new tree or by any type of plants in your garden or backyard.
Grinding a fallen tree stump in Florida

Importance Of Getting Rid Of Stumps

Tree stumps do not actually cause problems at first. However, it will cause distractions in the long run. It hinders you from mowing your lawn or it trips hazard for you and your family. It will be tough for you to plant a new tree or plant because the spot where the stump sits is off limits. Your mower could also be damaged if you accidentally rolled over them to the roots or the stump itself. And the worst outcome, when the stumps get separated from the tree, there is always a tendency that it will begin its decaying process. Over time, it transforms into a space of damaging pests.

There will be small and large termites and carpenter ants. Leaving the stumps in this condition will be detrimental to other plants or trees surrounding them. The critters that come along might also spread out to other plants. In the worst scenario, it can intrude in your yard, veranda, or in your home itself. Therefore, getting rid of the stumps is the most effective way to refrain from these happening.

Are Stump Grinders Dangerous

With the differences mentioned above, you have to consider the long-term effect of getting rid of the tree stumps. The work may be tough but removing even the smallest roots must be the top consideration in your decision making. Therefore, stump grinding can be dangerous because it will not thoroughly remove the widespread roots caused by the root ball of the tree. These roots still spread out underground. It is sometimes 4, 8, or 12 feet beyond where the stump stood. With the use of stump grinding, eventually, these roots will naturally decay. However, it will take a long process to take place. It could take a decade for the roots to fully break down. With stump removal, this scenario will not come into place. Being the most recommended tool, stump removal must be your option in getting rid of the stump in your home. Grinding may be efficient in terms of process and workload to be done, but it is less effective compared to the benefits of stump removal on not leaving any tree’s roots behind.


Calling a tree emergency service or any professional arborist can help you to choose either stump removal or stump grinding. They will guide you and assess how tree stumps in your home can be removed through more effective tools. They will give you a critical evaluation for you to decide on. For that reason, it is really best to always consider the long-term effect of getting rid of the stump, including all the roots in the ground. Aside from that, you also consider how your area will have no longer cases of insects infesting your backyard or garden because of decaying stumps. If it is done successfully, there will be no chances of damaging pests like small and big termites, crickets, and carpenter ants inside your veranda or home.