Commercial Stump Grinder: Its Advantages

If you have two or more stumps that you need to remove, consider renting a commercial stump grinder. It can help you save money.

Seeing your yard clean of unwanted or dead trees gives you triumphant accomplishments. However, having stumps in your area is very unsightly.

Hiring a landscaper or arborist to take care of the trees is very beneficial. However, professional landscapers often require an additional fee to remove the stumps which widely varies across the country. Typically, it costs between $100 and $200 to remove a single 24 inches in diameter stump or smaller stumps.

The typical rental fee of a gas-powered commercial stump grinder, depending on the size, starts from $100 per day. Normally, you will need a vehicle with a trailer hitch to tow the 1000 pounds machine. Some of the rental dealers often drop and pick up the commercial stump grinder for a nominal fee.

Advantages of Using a Commercial Stump Grinder

Most people disregard the stump left after cutting down a tree. You might want to consider removing them with a commercial stump grinder to remove them. Below are some of its benefits.


Various methods range from using chemicals and burning them down to having them ground in removing the stump, but it consumes a lot of time. Letting the professionals of the tree company handle things with the use of their commercial stump makes it quicker, hassle-free, and more effective in removing the stump.


Removing the stumps using chemicals until it rots can invite termites and other critters can pose potential damage to your beautiful landscape. However, a commercial stump grinder can handle stumps of all shapes and sizes. It can bring them to pieces without causing much annoyance to the surrounding environment and eliminates the chances of diseases and other hazards.

Fresh And Clean Yard

Having the services of a professional tree-cutting company provides you with a commercial stump grinder to help your yard become neat and fresh-looking. It allows you to develop or conceptualize a new landscaping project for the area. It can enhance the curb appeal of your property and increase the overall value of your place.

Mulch Material

You will be left with adequate wood chips that can be used as mulch material after grinding the stumps that you can add as compost material. The natural decomposition process helps increase the nutrients present in the soil that is necessary for plants to grow.

Saves Time and Effort

It is easier to use if handled correctly. It is a quick way to eliminate the stumps from your property and achieves the desired result. Also, it is imperative to follow the safety instructions to avoid any setbacks. Thus, letting professionals do the job is ideal. They have the expertise, knowledge, and experience on how to effectively use the equipment and will finish the task on the specified deadline.


Hiring professionals on tree-cutting services gives you access to commercial stump grinder equipment that can effectively eradicate unwanted stumps. It will make your yard clean, and fresher and can boost the curb appeal of your property.