Stump Grinding Vs Removal

Tree stumps are the lower part of a tree that has been cut. It shows the age of the tree and it stays with the roots of the plant. You need to bring out tree stumps to avoid health-risk concerns like termites, pests, fungi, etc. With your tree stumps still intact on the ground, you need to take care of it immediately to have more space in your yard as well. There are multiple types of methods to extract tree stumps. We’re going to be weighing out two different procedures to pull out tree stumps: stump grinding vs removal. But first, we’re going to have to define these two terms.

Tree stump in the forest

What Do I Do – Stump Grinding Vs Removal

As mentioned, these two have contrasting mechanisms to pull out tree stumps. Stump grinding is the act of grinding the tree stump with something as big as a lawnmower or bigger. Stump removal is the process of either digging out or clearing the stump including the roots in different methods. Although it sounds so simple to do, let’s discuss the desirable and unideal factors of both stump grinding vs removal.

Stump Grinding Vs Removal: Equipment

The two processes have two varied tools to finish the removal of the tree stump. Stump grinding needs just one crucial piece of equipment which is the stump grinder. It may be small or large depending on the size of the tree stump you’re going to remove. To clear the stump, you may need a limbing saw or something to dig out to the roots. Due to the variety of methods, you have more options in choosing which ideal equipment to use. So in stump grinding vs removal in equipment, you just have to decide depending on the stump you’re pulling out.

Stump Grinding Vs Removal: Benefits

Both stump grinding vs removal has different benefits when utilized. Stump grinding and removing small trees can be done by yourself although with great effort. The sawdust from the grinding may be used again as compost for your garden. Trees that are of no use when removed may be better for the landscape and to avoid health hazards.

Stump Grinding Vs Removal: Disadvantages

Even with granted benefits, these two also have disadvantages presented to you. With stump grinding, you’ll be leaving the roots and it will decay. Instead of having space to plant again, there’ll be roots left behind and may cause harm to children. The product of stump grinding which is sawdust will take about a few months to decompose. With that amount of time, it may already have attracted pests and termites. Stump removal is a large process. It leaves a hole in your yard and should be filled immediately. The equipment may take a big toll on your budget if your tree is enormous.

What Is Your Preference?

Tree stumps including the roots are cleared out for various reasons. You can either grind it or perform a removal. Grinding uses a grinder, leaving the roots and sawdust as a waste product behind. It may be decomposed but it takes a long time. Stump removal includes a lot of equipment needed depending on the size of your tree. Although it takes the roots out efficiently as well, it may cost a lot especially if your tree is large. What is your preference between stump grinding vs removal? Decide for your security.