Dead Tree In Purchasing A Home

Before completing the deal on the house, every customer should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the property. One of the disadvantages of buying a home is that it has a tree that may be hazardous to the people who will live there. Therefore, it is suggested that you inspect the house for such trees and take steps to guarantee your family’s safety before you decide to purchase the property. Below are the safety tips on what to do when buying a house with a dead tree.

Get An Arborist To Inspect The Tree.

Tree removal may affect a house sale since tree removal in Jacksonville can be costly. However, it is good to have any problematic trees evaluated before buying a home. A trained arborist will assess the tree’s health and whether it poses a danger to the home. They will also know if the tree needs to be removed or not. An  arborist will see for the following characteristics:

  • Symptoms of a dead tree, decaying, or sick trees
  • Trees that are too near to a residence
  •  Dangerous branches that need to be prune
  •  An arborist will know if trees can survive any future development.
  • ┬áSigns that roots are causing damage to the foundation or driveway of your home

The Vendor Is Not Held Accountable

Property owners are not required to pay for the upkeep or removal of any trees on their property before selling their house. You and the seller may be able to reach an agreement while the contract is being negotiated. For example, some purchasers may require the seller to cover tree removal before purchasing a property. That is why hiring a professional arborist to do a pre-inspection may be very helpful.

Suppose the dead tree causes damage to a home while it is under contract, the responsibility transfers to the seller. The seller is obligated to deliver the property in the same condition as the buyer. This statement implies that any damage caused by a tree before closing is the seller’s obligation. They must pay for any required house repairs as well as tree removal.

Tree Removal And Inspections In Jacksonville And St. Augustine

When you’re looking for a new home, the trees on the property may make or break the deal. While they generally provide beauty and curb appeal, they may be troublesome at times. If you’re thinking about buying a home but are worried about specific trees on the property, get them examined. You’ll know what you’re up against and be able to account for any expenses this way.

The expert arborists at TREECO do comprehensive tree examinations and identify whether a tree is dead, dying, or injured. If there are any problematic trees, our specialists are well-equipped to tackle even the most difficult tasks. Contact TREECKO at (904) 810-1033 for reliable tree care in Jacksonville.


Trees are an excellent selling feature for a property in general. However, a dead tree does not seem healthy or presents a risk to the property. So, before purchasing a home, make sure you know whether your home poses a threat to your family. Consult a specialist if there are problems in your house, and be sure to resolve everything with the seller so that there is no risk in your home.