East Village

Bill Wood

We didn't know what to do when we thought a tree was causing the steps to crack. These guys were awesome. We were able to have them remove the tree, and recommend a contractor to deal with the aftermath. Thanks guys! Whenever there's a tree causing havoc, you're our first call!

East Harlem

Tonya Stevens

Tony didn't think we had any problems with the trees lining the yard, til they started to break through the cement.
4 weeks later, we are very happy to have called the professionals. Thank you so much for taking us through a new chapter in our back yard lansdcaping process. Great team, cheaper than we thought.


Jonas Family

We had to call the Tree Experts for removal of a huge tree that was wrecking the foundation of our back porch. We called and they promised to have the tree removed within 24 hours. When they saw that the only way to get the tree out was though the house, surprisingly they had drop cloths and a staff that was easy to work with. Our home was left in better condition than it was BEFORE they came! Very happy with this service!


Tom Brandeis

Tree pruning is not my specialty, but I had the Manhattan Tree Experts take a look and they did a great job trimming all the trees in our courtyard. What a difference, so glad we called #1 trimming experts in NYC!


Upper West Side

Jill Conklin

I love trees, but unfortunately we had to get rid of 3 that lined the courtyard. Tree root was overtaking our sewer.The guys at Manhattan Tree Experts knew we had to get these roots removed immediately. They were great to work with, every piece had to be removed THROUGH THE APARTMENT! Stellar reviews here guys!


Lower East Side

Lorraine K

Im a tree person at heart, I just don't like them when they bang up against our back windows when its windy out. We called the Tree Experts for immediate pruning so we could rest easy.
Luckily, they were able to work with the super of the building, they did all the trimming necessary in our backyard.

Hell's Kitchen

Debbie Cordoza

The Tree Experts came and trimmed all the tree branches hanging too close to our electrical lines. Thanks Tree Experts, your team was efficient and friendly, but most of all, I knew they had experience with the this type of work and let me and my elderly parents know we could rest easy. Thanks so much guys!


Washington Heights

Alex Vega

My yard was full of unwanted bushes, dead trees and made my small yard look unkempt. MTE came to me highly recommended by my Uncle who also bought a fixer-upper. I have no regrets. They were easy to work with, they had to carry everything though the house, and It was as if they were never there! Best in the City!