Avoid The Dangers Of Falling Trees: 24 hour Urgent Tree Service

Trees give a beautiful exterior on our property. They also give us fresh air, fruits, and serve as a home for some animals especially birds. However, there will come a time when potential dangers may arise, especially when some branches or the tree itself may fall any minute.

When left unattended, this may cause serious injuries to you and your loved ones as well as damages to your home and property. Before this happens, it is wise to contact an arborist to check up on your tree and acquire an urgent tree service. This article will introduce to you the signs that you should be wary of and how to arrange an urgent tree service.



Signs That You Need An Urgent Tree Service

Dead Branches

You can easily spot a dead branch if it has missing barks and is full of dead leaves. Dead branches especially large ones should be removed immediately as they may fall at any time. The moment you spot dead branches, quickly arrange for an urgent tree service.

These professionals will not only remove the dead branches but will also inspect the overall health of your tree. They will let you know if there is any further maintenance needed.

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Damaged Trunk

When the trunk has cracks, cavities, and large patches of missing barks, this could mean that the health of your tree is declining. Another sign that you should be wary of is the emergence of sprouts. This indicates that your tree is undergoing severe stress.

The trunk may also be hollowed. Although the tree can live with a hollow trunk, its overall health is compromised. The moment you see these signs on your tree’s trunk, it is best to arrange for an urgent tree service before something happens.

Tree experts can thoroughly inspect your tree and advise you on how you can take care of your tree more. If the tree is beyond saving, tree removal will be the safest option.

Decaying Roots

The root is the most important part of the tree that you should always inspect on for health indicators. When the roots have signs of damage or decay, it could affect the entire tree. This can pose a major fall danger since the tree is at risk of losing its structural support and could fall at any time.

The first time you spot signs of damage and decay on the root, arrange for an urgent tree service to prevent serious injuries and damages to you, your family, and your property.

Sudden Leaning

It is natural for trees to lean in a particular direction. However, if you wake up one morning and notice that your tree was suddenly bent, it can indicate that there is damage to the tree or it is dying.

There is a rule that the lean of a tree should be below 15% from the vertical. Above this threshold, the tree must be removed. Contact a tree service right away to avoid a sudden collapse of your tree.


Like all living things, there will come a time when your tree will suffer health conditions. The moment you see visible signs of poor health indicators in several parts of your tree, reach out to an urgent tree service to have your tree examined before it is too late.